Colourful Iron Man 3D Table Lamp Luminaria LED Night Lights

Colourful Iron Man 3D Table Lamp Luminaria LED Night Lights

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1)The light is illuminated using LEDs that never get hot yet produce a warm glow.
Because it's cold to the touch its perfect for children's bedrooms, but rest assured it will look great in any
2)You will be shocked that this 3D Illusion Lamp turned out to be a 2D wire frame lamp which is only a few millimeters wide.
3)The piece creates an optical illusion, as it appears as a 3D light bulb, but is actually completely flat.
4)Change colour with button switch , choose between red,green,blue,white,pink,yellow and sky blue.
5)It can be put in bedroom, child room, living room, bar, shop, cafe, restaurant etc as decorative light.

Product Power: 1.2W
Output voltage: 5V
Switch mode: manual switch and remote control
Product Weight: 0.4KG
Size:Iron Man 160*160*5mm
Base: 115x115x40mm
Packing size: 23.5 * 16 * 6CM
Color: red, green, blue, yellow, celadon, purple, white, adjustable or fixed Isshiki colorful gradients
Products include: Acrylic board * 1
                          ABS base * 1
                          USB data cable 1 *
                          English manual * 1
                          Remote Control*1